Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wknd 29-30 January

Seton shore held a good gathering of small gulls both evenings, tide right out and many going to roost on Long Craigs rocks; estimated 4400 on Sunday (70% BHG, 4 with black hoods though none yet fully complete, one bird very pink flushed below), with one ad-win Med Gull on rocks, and the old faithful pale-backed Common Gull ghosting in late on; 3400 birds on Saturday, with 2 ad-win Med Gulls, one with right-leg red darvic presumably Cherry Blossom (also perhaps same as reported earlier from a ploughed field south of Pencaitland, about 5 miles south). Also there, 170 Barwits.

Saturday a quick tour for wildfowl/atlas produced 134 Whoopers @Rattlebags (NT58G near East Fenton), plus 32 @Knowes and 27 @Gleghornie, latter two are the Tyninghame birds. Taiga Bean was still there in its favoured field at Waughton - have checked this site regularly over recent years, the same location where swan casualties occurred a few years back which led to getting the markers fitted on overhead cables, c/o Scottish Power, most recently mid-Jan the wknd before Bean found, and never seen anything of particular interest! Still, a very nice addition to this minor WeBS site (site is centred on the nearby resr where wildfowl roost, but feeding area with cabbage/rape fields are included).

4 coveys Grey Partridge seen, thankful to see they have survived the deep snow, and amazingly confirmed breeding at New Mains by way of eggshell. Also a 10km tick for NT68 but regular nearby every year when I do BBS there.

Also did the RSPB's BGBW, mainly the usuals, but a Goldfinch alighted above feeder, first I can recall coming into garden; after observing the sparrow scrum and seeds from above, turned up its nose and made off again. An influx of 30+ Greenfinch in the neighbourhood was also unusual.

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