Sunday, 9 January 2011

Wknd 8-9 January

Sunday circuited Drem area at dusk, finding 16 Bramblings at Chester's Hill. Abbie also relocated the Bangly Hill flock, plus pr Twite on nettle seeds there, and the pleasing gathering depicted above in her garden. 133 (36 juvs) Whooper Swans (including JP3 with UH3, and the red-ASB juv) in winter cereal at Fenton Barns; also 1810 Pinks there. Earlier added Collared Dove to NT47K, Boggs, so now all the tetrads in NT47 are 40 species plus (except NT47E which is 2km offshore). Also found the imm GBB still in Seton harbour but now with foot badly swollen, I'm now thinking this is the same bird that had red (elastic?) bands on its legs earlier, if so a real act of cruelty.

Back on redpoll quest Saturday walked to Colstoun Old Mill from Gifford Vale, throo fresh snow; negative again, also a dedicated atlasser who walks his dogs there regularly reported having seen none (in 3 winters), so I wonder now whether the original flock might be one and the same as that located at Whiteadder resr 7 miles ESE, which proved to contained various interesting redpolls. Dippers again, also Goldcrest and Treecreepers with tit flocks, all still alive.

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