Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wknd 5-6 February

On Saturday: the Whooper herd were over at Muirton, with 880 Pinks at flood pools; nearby just over 100 Tree Sparrow with Yammers and 7 Reed Bunting by Kingston railway bridge (right); 31 Mutes (including orange-3CYP, which was at East Fenton in Nov 09) was a big increase in fields SW of Newhouse Wood resr; 340 Wood Pigeon at Ferrygate included 14 juvs, i.e. autumn juvs with no white on neck, and just one Stock Dove.

Gannets were back at the Bass, 170+ streaming north to feed; seabird centre cameras also gave us higher tetrad counts for gulls on the rock (though no sign of Feral Pigeon, still missing!) and on Craigleith, where a couple of Wrens and 2 Greylags were also seen.

Sunday rechecked the Whoopers and made it 167, plus 25 at Waughton (where Taiga Bean still present). A few geese milling around in East Fortune area but no large gatherings (total 591 Greylag, 140 Pinks). Also a female Pintail at the Aberlady saltmarsh.

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