Friday, 14 January 2011

Wknd 15-16 January

Sunday around WeBS, good influx of wildfowl again - East Fenton/Chapel held 230 swans (190 Whooper), 109 Mallard, 33 Goosander (new record), 31 Tufties, 26 Wigeon, 2 Coot (exceptional here), and adult drakes of Goldeneye, RBM, Pochard and Gadwall (site first), plus 4 Redshank. Surprisingly no Scaup! Most initially on East Fenton but while at Chapel must have been disturbed there and sawbills flew in to join single Goosander and Goldeneye initially there. 145 Whoopers were in cereal behind Chapel Farm, flew to Prora; 45+ juvs in total = 24%.

At East Fortune still 600+ Greylag (photo top); 9 Mutes and 5 ad Whooper at Waughton in oil-seed again; 1460 Pinks in cereal on the plain NW of East Linton, scanned but a bit dark; finally 27 Tufties at Markle fish pond, still no Pochard there needed for NT57.

per Abbie, news of a Whitefront amongst 1800 Pinks on edge of Garleton Hills. Photo seems to show an adult European race.

Not much seen on Saturday, many auks and a few Fulmars back on their nest cliffs at Craigleith and per Seabird Centre cameras.

On Friday, thanks to Craig for tip off via this blog relocated his 150+ redpolls in Butterdean Wood. Spooked when first disturbed, but remarkably tame as I walked quietly in with the whole flock pouring over woodland floor feeding on ground, glimpses of white rumps indicative of Mealys in their midst. Throo more stalking got scope on several groups at birch catkins, 2 or 3 in 35 birds were Mealys and one seen well enough, fluffy white rump, to write the required description! Suspect there may have been over 200.

Also in the area, 4 Woodcock, flushed two at a time and Blue Tits immediately uttered their high squeak/whistle alarm on both occasions - clearly disliking the cryptic plumage. Also 3 Jays, 2 Bullfinch, GSW and Treecreeper.

Later while pulling up by the wall at Seton harbour to view shore for gulls saw a flash of blue moving to far rock pools, my first Kingfisher for the site; bird proceeded to plunge into a rock pool and seemed to have got something by bill movements. But this species has a history here, present Feb 03, Sept 04 and Oct 07 - same bird, or just a coincidence? Longevity of 21 years has been recorded so it's possible.

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