Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wknd 24-25 September

By the bramble patch at Ferny Ness this (presumed) Fox Moth caterpillar, enjoying balmy conditions mid-afternoon Sunday (they hibernate Sept to March); NBN shows just one dot in East Lothian (NT48Q, Aberlady), but I guess they could actually be quite widespread.

Scanning offshore 12 moult migrant Canada Geese flew west past with 2 Greylag hybrids, then several groups of waders, total 400+ Golden Plover in a few minutes, then the reason appeared with a probable juv f Peregrine off Craigielaw; watched it over the next half hour as it initially headed west well offshore, probably got to about 3 miles offshore, at times flying very low and rapidly, then rising up high apparently playing over the sea, a fine sight; then came back in south towards Cockenzie power station, hurtling in low towards the shore; the Golden Plovers went up again but the bird did not pursue them but rose high over the powerstation, with havoc down below amongst the 100-odd Feral Pigeons; bird circled, at one point getting close to the tops of the chimneys, but no stoop; then a second bird appeared and there were two aerial contacts, perhaps an intruder was being seen off? They separated, one heading SE, last view of presumed original bird continuing high SW towards Musselburgh 15:45hrs. In pic below the Peregrine is the tiny black dot below the left hand end of Edinburgh Castle, range c. 3 miles!

In the morning 8 Crossbills went SW low over the house, the first for a while.

Monday morning saw 3 more Crossbills during school run, Mipit was only other migrants. Chiffs still constantly calling in gardens around the village.

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