Thursday, 22 September 2011


Continuing the substandard subspecies theme, with which Geoff has whole-heartedly joined in, I offer these pics of a candidate for "Nordic" Jackdaw; picked up as I was driving down the Niddrie Mains Road towards dusk, not the best spot for digiscoping and it was quite active along the main road, it was noticeable that the white stripe varied in impact according to viewing angle, as per pics below. Front view shows the "headlamp" effect noted by Geoff in January.

It is certainly not as obvious as some, moreover it would not seem to be a good time for Scandinavian arrivals - Jackdaw is a late autumn migrant, main movement picking up from the middle of October and continuing to late November (trektellen graph). Perhaps it's just a turrium intermediate, as suggested by Geoff for his Irish birds?

Subsequent records of presumably same bird in same neighbourhood: 31/10/11 (Niddrie, S Welch); 4/11/12 (Craigmillar, by Geoff Morgan, his first sighting); 30/1/13 (Niddrie, S Welch); again by Geoff around Craigmillar March, August and September 2013 (paired); 19/12/14 (Niddrie, S Welch) [photo on Twitter] (also some time in 2014 independently discovered by Martin Scott)

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