Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Domestic Greylags

Discussed before on this blog, here are the photos of the various Greylag/domestic goose variants which have been in the area for a couple of years. Seen in 2009, at East Fenton (6/9), Gosford Bay (1/11), Gosford ponds (15/11) and East Fortune (22/11) and generally at the latter location into 2011. Upper photos c/o Abbie.

Whitest bird has vague resemblance to Snow Goose but flight feathers are brownish at best, not black. The second bird is basically grey all over and the last, brownish with white face, I suspect could by a hybrid with a domestic type Greylag or Swan Goose. Possibly another individual like this, plus some Canada x Greylags are still seen occasionally.

Nicer geese below, part of the mixed Greylag/Pinkfoot flock at Fortoun Bank on Sunday. Over 800 Greylags were at the potatoes provided by East Fortune ponds during the hard weather at end of last year, often accompanied by varying numbers of Pinkfeet. The domestic variants have been present throughout.

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