Thursday, 5 November 2009

Swans return

Right on cue following a weather opening for Whooper migration, as predicted by WWT on Super Whooper blog "With the forecast looking good for swan migration on Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning, we look forward to more swans arriving later on this week" - whilst delivering kids to school 4 swans came into view approaching Longniddry Primary, 08:50hrs on 4 November; naked eye view only but lead bird had the straight neck profile characteristic of Whooper and was followed by a coffee wash bird typical of juv. The other two examined less closely.

Meanwhile, within a mile of the same location and home, a Red-rumped Swallow was watched later in the day by the chicken sheds near Gosford House, together with Barn Swallow. Also seen on Tuesday in my atlas tetrad NT47U which I might have visited on Sunday had the weather not been so atrocious, now mid-week with no chance to get out conditions are perfect - typical!

Friday update - despite continuing poor weather, one Sandwich Tern remaining on Seton Sands, and Wood Pigeon migration now underway.


  1. I share the frustration re the swallow!
    P.S. have added a link to your blog from my own - hope you are fine with that? Keep it up - have enjoyed going back through the archive.

  2. Hi Stuart

    Thanks, I've reciprocated the link to your blog; nice to have other local blogger and your pics are well ahead of mine!

    A year ago this week had a Swallow over the house, and even later we had 3 (f+2juv) at Seton Dean in mid-Nov. Funnily enough they were all ordinary Swallows, no strange patches on them - but this year has been even milder so perhaps there's time yet for more. Sandwich Tern still today...