Wednesday, 25 November 2009

More collars and darvics

2500+ Pinks at Greendykes this morning included 4 collars, FPD, IJY (at Buxley on 21/11), PXB and AIT/AIY, latter uncertain. 10 Barnacles but Whitefronts not seen. [Postscript - later it transpired that another birder turned up 10 mins after I left and promptly found a new white-phase Snow Goose (presumably one of the 2 at Strathbeg 19/10, Montrose Basin 7/11 and Loch Leven 10-23/11). This is a species I still need for my life list (self found). Oh well - certainly I have great expertise in dodging rarities, other recent examples being the RRS (perhaps same as refound by same birder in Eyemouth) and the Osprey over Esk bridge on 27/7 reported at virtually the exact time I crossed the same bridge! [Post-Postscript - it turns out the Snow Goose was already at Hoprig on Tuesday afternoon (!) but not reported on LBN and did not reach BirdGuides; this photo may be from that instance; similar situation with a Med Gull and Sandwich Tern at Seton Sands on Monday, all info from birdinglothian [Post-Post-Postscript - Snow Goose found by punkbirder Dan Brown of Sandhill Crane fame on Tuesday]].

Recent colar/darvic histories linked here for Pinks, feral Greylags and Icelandic Greylags. Whoopers too for the record. NB - these are all Excel spreadsheets but they can be viewed automatically via Scribd on so you don't need to have it installed to access.

Still plenty of Shag darvics off Port Seton, records sheet now updated with origins of Forth Islands birds (6 Craigleith, 3 Inchmickery, 3 Fidra).


  1. Would be interested if you get any details from the Pinks as I was involved in ringing/collaring at Loch Leven '93-'95. Best ever collars were 2 Bewick's (458P and 459P I think) on Loch Leven one of those winters - both ringed on the Pechora. Have you ever read Henry Seebohm's "Journeys in Siberia"? Apart from the carnage it is gripping stuff!
    Keep up the good work - enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks Stuart. Most recent Pink collars have been from the Lintrathen Dec 07 catches (will add a link) but there is apparently no way of getting these histories via WWT, at least not without several months/years wait. All info I get from Tay RG via Clive McKay but he had not got all details either. Have had plenty Leven ringed Greylags, all info from Alan Lauder, some of our feral birds now being 13+ yrs old. I am yet to see Bewick's in Scotland, but given my proven expertise in avoiding rare birds (see blog update) it might be worth checking some of my local patches just after one of my visits. Will keep an eye out for Seebohm...