Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wknd 22-23 March

100 Whoopers still today, 9 juv (b4, b2, b2, b1), 67+19 in favoured grass fields at Prora (pics) and Muirton, the rest at Upper Mill Burn, Dirleton. Coincidence on total as juvenile number is different from last week. Most busy grazing at times, which also revealed a ringed individual, yellow-UL9, the first sighting of this bird here, seems to have arrived since mid-Feb, another indication of turn-over. [Post-script - still c. 50 Whoopers at same place from train on Tuesday]

One last look for Blackbird nest at Longskelly, failed, but found a nice little Whitethroat nest which is a breeding confirm for NT58D. Grass structure, lined with needles of Scots pine, first two pics below. A nearby Woodpigeon nest consisted entirely of pine twigs - these pines just over the fence on Archerfield perimeter. Atlas analysis is now well underway and some of the warbler change maps, including Whitethroat, are quite fascinating, may do a separate post on that if time.

Seton roost - BHG up again at 1610, vast majority now in full breeding plumage.

During the week Oycs on roof of engineering labs daily, flying in piping like crazy every time, then having a nap before flying off to feed again; 2 prs over one day.

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