Saturday, 22 March 2014

Wknd 15-16 March

100 Whoopers remained, 13 juv (3xb2) including 27 at East Fenton (above). Others Upper Mill Burn and Chapel but most were loafing on grass behind Prora farm, distant view below Garleton Hills below, these latter included ring yellow-46I still.

A trip to NT25 added a few last Woodpigeon nests (double checked they were old as many new ones now in action), plenty of Rook activity, and a Nuthatch at Nine Mile Burn saw mill NT15Y (not recorded in atlas!).

Seton roost modest c. 1950 on Sat (630 BHG 60% full breeding), c. 2200 Sun, just 2 & 4 LBB respectively, 2 BHG's with Norwegian darvics, just a few birds apart on shore, but as usual too distant to confirm codes.

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