Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wknd 26-27 October

Hmmm, rather similar topics to last week here, mainly swans and doves - Whoopers coming in now with at least 153 back at Prora/Chapel/Kingston on Sunday, including above bunch in stubble south of Kingston cottages. The majority were roosting in grass behind Prora, totally inaccessible for rings; Saturday at least got a breakdown of 19 juvs in 104 birds, 2xb5 and 4xb1, Sunday had 2xb2 including the two above.

Also at Prora 3 Ruff (m, 2f) still present, flying low over Whoopers on pools, presumed same as per Chapel on 13/10, probably from the 10 there on 22/9.

For atlas, mopped up Blackbird for NT58H, whilst looking for a nest at Dirleton found a Linnet nest like a fortress, so surrounded by dense hawthorn stem could not even reach into the cup to check lining.

Also crow in NT57Z. 8 Collared Doves in East Linton/Preston Mains included one juvenile. Also went back to Scoughall where was convinced I'd had a young bird in flight last week but had then hidden in trees towards dusk - this time 8 birds obligingly perched up and in their midst the youngster below (2nd from right). I never imagined atlas would still be "alive" this late in the season, and some may rightly ask whether these can be safe confirmed breeding records - without finding a nest it can't be proved of course but there seems little reason to doubt these are the resident birds which you can see there on any trip to Scoughall.

During the week also saw a Woodcock flying out SE from the wood at Meadowmill sports centre at dusk (18:30hrs) on Thursday, presumably to feed in fields. Other updates - Monday added Woodpigeon to NT37K, NT37Q but was eluded by the Collared Doves in NT47B; remedied latter on Tuesday, when also added Collared Dove, House Martin, Blackbird and Magpie to NT46J, Collared Dove to NT46P and Blackbird to NT36T on way to/from work; also found a used Linnet's nest in NT36T, Fordel Mains - had confirmed at Southfield via FL on 1/8; Thursday confirmed Woodpigeon in NT37V, also b9 Grey Partridge at Myles Farm - without too much effort have found several families this year so looks like they have profited from the better summer.

Summary of Collared Dove status mainly in East Lothian settlements in recent weeks:

  • Ballencrieff: 30+ (several juvs)
  • Tranent: 18 (1 juv); E: 8 Muirpark Road area (1 juv); W: 5 Lammermoor area; N: 3 Doocot Brae area, pr Bankpark
  • Penston: 10 (1 juv)
  • Longniddry: 9 (1 juv); SW: 5 Glassel Park Rd west (1 juv); NE: pr Community Centre area; pr Kitchener's Cres area
  • East Linton: 9 (1 juv); E: 5 Preston Mains; Centre: 4 (1 juv) library
  • Pencaitland: 8 (1 juv); Centre: 6 Doocot Way (UN); W: 2 Broomrigg (1 juv)
  • Gullane: 8 (1 juv), in north from Goose Green to Muirfield Park
  • Scoughall: 8 (1 juv), at farm
  • Port Seton: 7; East Links/Castle Road estate
  • Danderhall: 7 (2 juv); SE: Newton Church Rd/Campview Terr area
  • Prestonpans: 5 (1 juv); SE: Thorntree Cres/Gardiner Terr area
  • Seacliff: 5 (1 juv)
  • Lochhill: 3 (1 juv)
  • Highfield, Kingston: 3 (1 juv)
  • Wallyford: 4; E: Oliphant Gardens area
  • Athelstaneford: 1 ad by school
[Edinburgh - Lammermoor Terr, The Inch: 3 - no breeding season records!]

All minimum counts, but some may be close to current population in these settlements.

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