Sunday, 13 October 2013

Wknd 12-13 October

The Bass today, rather thinned out now and could only see about 10 young still on the rock, one wing flapping.

Birds catching updraft on south-east cliff above. A pair of Ravens were doing even better playing in the wind over the coastal cliffs, including tumbling drops.

Grey goose census (ICG) was more productive than last month with 370 Greylags at East Fortune, accompanied by 650 Pinks, 41 Canada Geese, just one Greylag x Canada hybrid, 4 white domestic geese and the "grey" goose, about half of the Greylags shown above, spot the white ones! Otherwise on WeBS, 3 Ruff remaining on Chapel farm resr, no Whoopers apparent anywhere.

Atlassing: confirmed Woodpigeon for NT58F (used nest by entrance track, driven past here every month for 6 years!), NT58X and NT68B. Also found a nice Blackcap nest hanging in trailing holly branches at Halfland Barns, pretty exposed from beneath but about 2m off the ground - photos below show its remarkable construction, how do they weave it and tie to stems?!) The only live addition of the day a family of young Collared Doves at Waughton (NT58Q); same confirmed in Danderhall (NT36E) on Monday, Prestonpans (NT37X) on Thursday, Longniddry Glassel Park Road (NT47H) on Friday (6th attempt, one juv amongst 5 resident individuals) - after 6 years of regularly passing through all of these! wish I'd been more alert to these earlier in atlas as many possible confirmations muct have been missed due to timing of standard fieldwork! Final shots below are last weekend's young juv Swallows which were still being fed on wires at Pressmennan farm.

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