Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wknd 30-31 July

Sunday - back to NT68 NE of Binning for atlas - in early hours got juv Tawny N of Tyninghame Links and a family in Fir Links Wood, these both 10km breeding confirmations. Again it shows our owl map is more to do with coverage than true distribution. Sunday afternoon along Limetree Walk had some nice birds with f Peregrine and juv m Sparrowhawk, only 10km additions were a Linnet family and Mistle Thrush, c. 27 juvs in a large flock of 64+, in grounds of Tyninghame House.

A Giant Woodwasp/Horntail (Urocera gigas) was quite a sight (above), but for Michael's swift intervention I would have sat on it, though despite the fearsome appearance they're harmless; was on a heap of pine logs behind ruined farm, perhaps laying eggs there - they larvae may remain in the wood for up to 5 years (species info per Edinburgh & Midlothian beekeepers). NBN does not map this species for SE Scotland, though there have been other reports recently. Nearby a couple of Common Darters along a ditch.

Way home saw probably the same Med Gull again but this time on Gosford Sands by the entrance. Compare pic below with the "after dark" record shot of two Med Gulls on Seton Burn Friday (nearly full hood left, nearly full winter right); same two still at dusk Saturday, with a juv Arctic Tern alone on the mud east of Seton Sands.

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