Monday, 18 July 2011

Wknd 16-17 July

WeBS Sunday turned up this eclipse drake Mandarin again at East Fortune main pond, a year less a day since last and only previous sighting at same place (no other records for WeBS 1988 to date). Wonder where it spends the breeding season - could it be lurking on the Tyne?

For 7th year running Mute Swans failed - otters?

At Drem pools Quail were singing from fields N and south, another at Chapel farm. Considering I only visit these (4) places once per month, a few minutes per stop, moreover birds singing as I got out the car as has often happened previously, one can only imagine how much (unmonitored and unrecorded) Quail song there is in total! Also given we're past mid-July makes me wonder whether we have again had a second wave of arrivals, singing more vigorously than the first batch which are all settled?

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