Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Yellow-legged Gull

Great views of the [presumed*] ad YLG on the Seton Burn this morning, watched preening from about 100m before flying off strongly S as on previous occasions, but again tricky to photograph. Did manage some more showing the band on P5 (e.g. below) - P6 is still growing, the same length as P5 so hidden below, but obviously with a wider band. P7 is even shorter and P8 may be missing. P9 seems to have no mirror and on closed wing entirely covers the large mirror on P10.

Also, f/imm Pintail on the burn with another influx of Wigeon, now 40 birds (up from a handful at wknd). 7 pale-bellied Brents and Cherry Blossom (red-7P8) this evening.

Thursday update - no sign of YLG at 09:00hrs but again in pre-roost at 18:30hrs (below). Brents have departed.

Friday update: 2 new Shag darvics Wrecked Craigs (now 38, including some re-reads), plus a green left-ringed Med on shore NE of Longniddry c/p2 at dusk, presumably 3LV5.

* "presumed", but subsequently rejected by SBRC (8/3/10) on account of lack of certainty as to which primary tip is which for a moulting bird, with no photo of the spread wing, which is a fair point, though I was sure of which tip was which based on observations! [Now with more experience I'm more confident this was a hybrid based on structure, primary tips are details...]

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