Monday, 28 September 2009

Colour ring update

This evening both Cherry Blossom (red-7P8) and the Belgian green-3LV5 were in the Seton roost, plus another adult with more dark above ear - probably unringed and different from unringed adult seen at wknd; plus a 1st-win bird which was observed apparently begging from an adult Common Gull feeding in shallows! Pre-roost checks not complete when flock disturbed by walkers.

Also on the shore, another (presumed) Forvie colour-ringed Sandwich Tern (one ring was light-green).

Also, interesting to hear of further sightings of Shags seen during August:

* red-LLZ at Seton on 8 & 30/08/2009 seen on 26/09/2009 at New Aberdour (NJ886648)
* blue-NSF at Seton 26/08/2009 seen on 27/09/2009 at Aberdeen Harbour (NJ963057)

Link to detailed records.

Wednesday update - a beautiful evening, with gulls covering the shore until again disturbed by walkers, Cherry Blossom in a similar location plus an unringed ad and 1st-win Med. Very few terns.

Thursday update - more of the same, Meds red-7P8, green-3LV5 and at least 1 unringed ad (2 seen, but possibly same bird moved - flock flushed several times) and presumed same 1st-win. No terns. Of most interest a very dark-backed Common Gull, though not particularly large.

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