Monday, 17 February 2014

Wknd 15-16 February

A din from the roof of the engineering labs announced the return of the breeding Oycs, they soon got down to work with mating (below) then had a nap.

Wknd activities mainly focused on last few nests - the last 10m at the top of the bank, Scoughall, held both Carrion Crow and Woodpigeon nest as hoped (confirms for NT68G), and the few trees at Cuthill held Woodpigeon and remains of 3 Magpie nests (former a confirmation for NT37S). Also got a few more nests in NT25/NT35 including a new Buzzard at Rosebery resr.

Saturday - c. 140 Whoopers spread between Fenton Barns, Prora and Dirleton - yellow-46I still.

Sunday - a Tawny perched over the road at Harperdean, fanciful to imagine it might have been the same one I once rescued off the road there (juv, May 2010)!

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