Sunday, 15 September 2013

Yet more atlassing

Heading out early afternoon on Sunday for an atlassing circuit had a small grain of doubt in my mind as to whether it was going to be worth it with torrential rain and strong wind making even seeing to drive the car a challenge whilst passing Drem! But trusted the weatherman and it soon brightened - first stop at Athelstaneford Mains was thick with young Swallows (2 above) and the very first hawthorn checked for Woodpigeon had an obvious nest - not an unusual occurrence. Mopped up a few other Woodpigeon wherever looked for and missing Swallow confirmations in NT67; last weekend was the first time that I found a farm with hirundines over but none entering, today got to Pressmennan farm and depressingly not a one was in sight, however after a couple of minutes a juv fluttered out of a barn; three years ago we had them in the nest into October so I'm not giving up yet!

Best came last on the bank below Kippielaw Farm near Traprain - a covey of 23 Grey Partridges there was a fine sight feeding in stubble near the road - closer scrutiny revealed it was an ad m & ad f plus 21 young, a minimum of 18 young looked identical so must be a single brood, there were 3 that looked perhaps slightly older which are more tricky - per BWP normally single brooded except in case of egg loss, 20 eggs or more in a single clutch found in 15% of cases in one study, but clutches of 21-29 eggs are often (but not always) product of 2 females. Anyway, whether one source or two a good batch of new partridges there! Noticeable that it was always just the parents alert with heads high, all young kept down most of the time - camera gave out at that point but the proud parent can be seen below.

Saturday at dusk - arrived Seton Burn to see a great gathering of gulls on shore but before even crossing the road they started a progressive flush, always a clue to a raptor, sure enough a female Peregrine with heavily distended crop passing over W; on the sea, 38 Wigeon back and a single pale-bellied Brent remained, not for long as a spaniel plunged into the water and flushed it off the sea, did not see where it went in failing light.

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