Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Atlas serendipity

Atlas and photos don't normally go so well together but this pure chance encounter (I stopped to check out a Wren) on verge of minor road south of Daneskine (NT56T) was quite remarkable - this bird was crouched very close just by the verge, surrounded by tiny chicks; I thought they would flush so I remained still and they were all like frozen statues for at least a couple of minutes, steadily I got closer and they began to relax, after a few more minutes I had to resort to the macro setting to photograph the chicks; whilst doing so one dozed off and others attempted to climb into the female's body feathers, then she began to nibble grass and commenced clucking calls with hints of the usual "go-chock" call at times. After five minutes a car came down the road and we had to leave, a remarkable encounter albeit with a naturalised species (or perhaps recent release).

1 comment:

  1. Red legged partridge,like rainbow trout ,are a released sporting species which is not is expected to breed and does so only rarely.
    Don't think I have ever seen one with wild born chicks.
    A very unusual and lucky encounter !