Monday, 11 February 2013

Wknd 9-10 February

Most of the "Drem" Whoopers were again in cereal S of Drem pools on Sunday afternoon, a few birds creeping into neighbouring tetrads (addition for NT48V); amongst 175+ got only one ring, though many were asleep; after completing WeBS called at Prora and found most had now arrived there where a fresh mound of potatoes had appeared (transpires they were flushed from Drem by horse riders). Perhaps they had called at Chapel resr as most also had clean legs so had a good chance to read rings - re-sightings of red-BLX (ad), red-AVJ (juv) and yellow-46I (ad), also a new one red-ATX (ad), pretty sure also a new juv red-AVI, presumably sibling of red-AVJ;
sad sight of one bird with a cracked yellow ring stuck on its foot (right), hard to read code with large chip, perhaps DV3 (seen here once 5 yrs ago), bird was limping but looked generally OK, actively feeding.

Surprising not to see any of the other yellow rings recorded this winter (PL5, P4C, X4R, Z3K), with still 200+ birds present, also it now looks like old timer UH3 must not have returned, for first time since winter 01/02 (ringed as an adult on Iceland in 2001). Prora flock very vocal today, frequent bouts of bugling or triumph calls breaking out in different areas, many young birds joining in; pic of one trumpeting circle above, though partly obscured by the CCTV security mast. Can't help but think they are in good heart with upturn in food and longer days now.

Not a great deal otherwise - annual snipe hunt at Drem pools yielded just 4 Common Snipe. 8 ad Mute Swans at Waughton. Three flocks of several hundred Woodpigeon. Buzzard total got into double figures! One Jackdaw on the Prora landfill had a hint of a white stripe on side of neck, not an obvious Nordic though; perhaps 100 other definitely spermologus!

Monday evening - Tawny Owl again hooting at New Winton, towards Winton Lea.


  1. They must be for the off soon. If they could see their way to popping by Inverkeithing on their way that would be dandy :)

  2. Ought to be a few weeks yet, big fall last year on 10-11 March, 180 down to 110, no more than 4 seen after that. You're bound to get some of them passing!