Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wknd 1-2 December

Gosford shore above, where spent a couple of hours in perishing cold Sat/Sun. Not a lot new but added Rock Pipit to NT47P and watched a Goldcrest feeding in buckthorn, pecking below branches and leaves for whatever remains of last summer's insect life. A Herring Gull was feeding in a novel manner by pecking the underside of the outflow pipe, apparently at the crustaceans. 75 Knot and a few Grey Plover arrived to perch on a tiny bit of exposed pipe at high tide, no Ringed Plover still needed for atlas. Wouldn't even a small manmade island be a valuable addition for waders here? A Crossbill went S.

On Saturday found 1900+ Pinks in harvested potato fields at West Fenton. A careful look revealed just one grey collar (LXB, right - probably ringed in Iceland in 2000, as per various other L codes) plus a light brown leucistic bird with some nearly white tertials. Latter previously at Coates 28/11 per Abbie, at still at West Fenton with 2100+ Pinks on Sunday.

Earlier on Sunday, after a gap of a few weeks since last, a graellsii Lesser Blackback appeared on the Seton Burn, a notably small bird with small rounded head and bright yellow eye - looking suspiciously like "Lucy" - if so her 8th return.

Did the thrush survey again on Sunday, just 7 Blackbird this time, 38 Greylags flew high S over perhaps not locals? Met Fred who told me 11 Waxwings had alighted on the railway walk 150m south of Cottyburn on Friday. At dusk today a Tawny Owl was the focus of much scolding from small passerines around the ivy trees and ruin beside the carpark bridge.

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