Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee wknd 2-3 June

Arrived at Seton late afternoon, first birds seen looking out were 3 Manx E, so they are still in the Forth. Not long afterwards spotted fins
protruding from water close in, proper fins, not porpoise, which is any case very rare here. After watching for 10 minutes had a view of side of a presumed Bottlenose Dolphin, 3 in total. Poor photo of fin right seems to match this species, some are catalogued for Aberdeenshire. There were a few in the Forth in 2009, they are apparently becoming more regular here.

Checked again later but no further sign, though two more Manx, also on the sea, 5 splendid summer plumage RTD, Puffins and lots of Gannets close inshore (count).

Coots' nest at Blindwells W has yielded two small young, also Mallard b7 but the colonising Stonechats of 2008-2010 are sadly lost.

Sunday visited Seton Chapel/House for atlas top up, pleased to find Spot Fly there, my fourth local record after one in neighbouring Seton Dean 6/6/04 and a couple in Gosford Estate 2009/10. Also there, GSW at occupied nest and family of fledged Blackcaps. At Blindwells, a male Wheatear at one of the settlement mounds qualifies as a potential breeder I think, new for tetrad as such though many occur on passage; presumably appreciates the new habitat of great earth banks, where migrants often seen. Several Skylark "FF", also Meadow Pipit and Reed Bunting seen carrying food, taking confirmed breeders in NT47C to 47 (99 species in total); still at least 10 more which very likely do breed including Feral Pigeon, Pied Wag, Mistle Thrush and Greenfinch so more visits still needed!

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