Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wknd 21-22 January

Staggered out full of lurgy on Saturday, had a look at the Eiders huddled in at Wrecked Craigs, Port Seton - 66 ad m, 66 f, 18 imm m, one ad m had obvious sails and a couple of the others had hints of sails.

Peering at the gulls sheltering from gale around Long Craigs rocks at dusk, no white-wingers apparent of course, an ad m Peregrine suddenly appeared heading W - gizzard bulging, must have fed well and heading to a roost - this was 16:50hrs, 30 mins after sunset.

Further afield worth noting an unprecedented move of Blue Fulmars past Flamborough in recent days, e.g. 19 Jan, deemed to originate from Bear Island. Given this form is much less than annual in Lothian now might be a good time to look for them off North Sea coast. Unfortunately I can't get there just now!

Blackbirds now in song home and work, first was Tuesday 17/1 - none singing before New Year this year despite mild weather. Still, mid Jan is on the early side, historically I expected to hear them from around last week of January.

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