Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another LEO

Sadly, another Long-eared Owl road-kill, found fresh dead (still warm and fresh blood on side of face) on the B6363 by Longniddry Farm, c. 300m SE of the Lorne Bridge, 03:45hrs on 3 November. Seems to be a juvenile (6 clear bars on secondaries, 5 on primaries) and might be a male based on various features, including alula bars and underwing primary coverts dark tips of c. 20mm (though uncertain as to how these differ on juv and got this wrong on last specimen, LBN post for 7/3/09!). Will assess more carefully later.

While out also collected another Barn Owl, reported by Colin Davison on the Haddington A1 exit slip (below); seems to be another juvenile female (analysis confirmed young female, mature inactive ovary, uterus pregravida). Part of a recent spate of reports, presumably post-juvenile dispersal, this is the 100th Barn Owl casualty logged since start of study in October 2004 (6 yrs, average 16 per yr). It will be the 42nd post mortem.

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