Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wknd 18-19 September

On Seton Burn at dusk on Saturday an unringed adult Med Gull, soon joined by a 2nd-win with a lot of black in wing tips; later, though in poor light and with pre-roost on shore being disturbed as usual by both kids and dogs, an adult seen at other side of flock and an apparently different 2nd-win with only one obvious bar in wing tip, oh well, 2 possibly 3 were there for sure. These were accompanied by an influx of Herring Gull, 710 on shore, amongst which the usual range of oddballs and an interesting imm LWHG with dark bill and pale head, generally stocky.

Sunday got out late to do WeBS - very little around though an influx of Teal at Chapel, 60+, and a juv Pec Sand on East Fenton Farm resr, photos above. Seen to within 20m, also very well in flight, uttering its repeated "srrook" flight call. 3 wagtails there included at least 2 White Wags (ad+juv). The only other wader was a Dunlin at Chapel.

En route home called in at Aberlady to see the geese arriving and several thousand were on mudflats - clearly a significant early arrival this year (many reports from early last week, first over our house were on Thursday evening), boosted no doubt by favourable tailwinds from Iceland. Amongst a large flock arriving from SE were two small white geese which alighted well out and though nothing could be discerned due to poor light (19:30hrs) these must have been the pair of Ross's Geese seen there earlier. These presumably same as the "tiny two" which have been regular on east coast for a number of years now, and have indeed occurred in Lothian previously, but were deemed then as possible escapes (listed in LBR 07 Appendix 1 for Category E species). See also info for Norfolk.

Also during the week - a Great Crested Grebe on the sea just off Ferny Ness in stormy conditions on Monday, first I have seen there in a while and probably currently less often seen here than Black-necked Grebe!

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