Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wknd 21-22 August

Friday checked out a Sedge Warbler nest found first wk August by Tranent Mains, one bird heard but nest empty save for an unhatched egg (above). Mossy nest woven around grass stems by at edge of a patch of willow herb, cup quite shallow.

Fortunate considering the name of this blog, they are definitely one of my favourite passerines, an attractive bird with great spirit, witness their incessant nocturnal songs particularly after first arrival; most will be on their way by now.

Bit of a breeze Saturday so watched the sea off Cockenzie, but very little moving, 1/2 dark Arctic Skuas (full counts).

Seton prom held 84 patchy Golden Plover amongst which at least one juv (right in photo), 3 f/imm Goosander and the first fresh Shag darvics of new season (red-PLZ, blue-USC).

Swans have begun to arrive back on the Seton Burn, post moult, as they did last year - 12 this week still present today.

Stuck in house till late on Sunday got to the Seton Burn where Cherry Blossom arrived at c. 19:40hrs. Took 50 mins stalking to confirm her ring - very lucky it was low tide so for once the flock was not flushed by a dog or yoof, nevertheless they are touchy and Cherry herself has a habit of constantly running throo the flock, normally away from me! During this got another adult which must have arrived c. 20:30hrs, and perhaps the same or a third on other side of roost at last light, 21:00hrs.

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