Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wknd 15-16 May

Back to atlas on Saturday with TTV in NT47Z (Mungoswells) - highlights of 44 species (10 confirmed) were displaying Lapwings, f Wheatear and pr + single Grey Partridge. Mammals represented by vixen running towards me, totally oblivious until yards away, the mouse in her mouth, a stoat and a gathering of 19 sleepy hares in a single field.

Afternoon checked Begbie Wood for Tree Pipit, negative but rich song of Garden Warbler and breeding observations taking total for NT47V to 33 confirmed! 25+ Sand Martins at their colony on the Tyne at West Lodge, 3 f Goosanders also fishing.

Finally back at Port Seton prom, no sign of Surfie, but a dense group of 100+ Common Scoter just offshore with many more still milling about further out. Kittiwakes and hirundines passing in strong N wind. Eiders on rocks below.

Sunday around WeBS opened car door at Drem pools to be greeted by pleasant sounds of both Quail and Grasshopper Warbler in song, both presumably returnees from last year; for once, the Mutes had managed to at least hatch some, with 4 cygnets tucked up in nest, two visible below.

East Fenton was waterbird-less, with the small Canada over at Chapel, but 2 f Wheatears on rubble by entrance. Chapel exceeded that with 3 f and a bright male, but all probably nominate race. Lapwings still in residence at Brownrigg with pen Mute Swan still sitting there on an all-stick nest, also cob coming to see me off below, and just a single gosling with 48 adult Greylag, suggestion some major predation. A Lesser Whitethroat was in constant song for nearly an hour, presumably a fairly recent arrival. At Whitekirk church, just 4 active House Martin nests and the Tree Sparrows indeed still in residence as next door neighbours to one of these.

En route back spied Raven, then 12 Pinks still on Aberlady salt marsh and finally two black golf ball young Moorhens being tended on the tiny pool at entrance to Craigielaw, breeding confirmation at last for NT47P.

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